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Thank You To Our Front-Liners

The Secondary and Sixth Form School of Pracha Uthit normally conducts its PCCG (Pastoral Care and Career Guidance) on the last two periods on Friday. During the PCCG lessons on 27th of March, our Grade 7, 8 and 9 students used various online resources to discuss how the COVID-19 virus has affected everyone in different aspects.

With Bangkok in a state of partial lockdown, all schools including SISB continued our teaching and learning online. Our PCCG lessons were also conducted with the combination of both Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Our PCCG lessons not only help students to get a balance between academic and well being, but they also provide the opportunity to discuss real-world issues with the students using appropriate age-level materials. 

It is important for students to know about current affairs and issues as the world is progressing at a rapid speed. We want students to be well-informed and become internationally-minded global citizens. The COVID-19 virus evolved from just a mere virus to a pandemic virus causing fear throughout the global community. Through a series of activities, we hope that our students become more knowledgeable, inquire more, and develop a sense of care for those infected and affected by this virus.

Students were tasked to write and design infographics about the different front-liners. We appreciate the sacrifices they make in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. As a community at SISB, we are sending words of encouragement to assure them that we are together in this fight during this partial lockdown and the recent declaration of state of emergency. 

- PCCG Department 

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